Quepos And Manuel Antonio
Properties For Sale

Manuel Antonio properties tend to be some of the highest valued real estate in all of Costa Rica. The reason? As with ANY item in a free market system--Supply and Demand.

Even during the downturn of the past few years, real estate in the Manuel Antonio area, at the very least, has weathered the recession better than many other areas of Costa Rica.

Real estate is valued here for the same reasons that Manuel Antonio
remains one of the top tourist destinations in Central America.

What draws the world's vacationers? The natural beauty and intense bio-diversity. This IS "Animal Planet". Likewise, the endless variety of outdoor activities available. Those of us who get to live here year round feel absolutely blessed!

Since no real regulation of real estate in Costa Rica yet exists, property prices are whatever an owner is willing to sell for. In a lot of cases, the price is more of a "DREAM PRICE" that no one will ever be willing to pay.

That's why almost every other property seems to be for sale. So many owners are in no hurry to sell, but hey, why not ask for a "dream price", and see what happens...

Such thinking is much less realistic now than a few years ago. And most local real estate agents don't waste their time with over-priced listings. They have reputations to maintain, and time that can better spent marketing realistically priced properties.

In some cases, though, an owner may have his reasons for almost "giving away" his property. Actually, I know of a prime Manuel Antonio OCEAN VIEW LOT AND HOME, that was just "given away"...right before the owner died.

But I don't count on being the fortunate receiver in a similar situation and you probably shouldn't either. So for the rest of us with less than "lottery winning" luck, below ON THIS PAGE are the up-to-the-minute current listings of Quepos And Manuel Antonio real estate for sale.

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Quepos And Manuel Antonio
Properties For Sale

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