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Quepos And Manuel Antonio Businesses For Sale is THE interactive, multimedia place to find businesses for sale in our area as well as the best place to list your business if you're selling one.

Starting a business in Costa Rica can be quite a daunting task. Just ask any of us who have faced the various challenges of creating a business from scratch in this country.

If you've already experienced the time consuming, inefficient process by which even the simplest of tasks (like exchanging dollars for colones in a local bank) is carried out, then you already have somewhat of an idea of the seemingly endless, patience-testing process of starting a business here.

Imagine watching one bank teller spend several minutes typing, then having you sign slips and provide ID and passport or cedula numbers before the inevitable stamp stamp stamping after which he finally hands over colones for your dollars.

If you think exchanging currencies here is way too involved, wait til you get to deal with a dozen paper-pushing, form-stamping bureaucrats for a few weeks or months!

Many of us can tell you, if you have the means to buy an established business where you can most likely simply take over an S.A. corporation with a few signatures, lawyers, and notaries, and then hit the ground running...that's the way to go.

And this webpage is the place to begin your search...

As with most properties in Quepos and Manuel Antonio, many business owners have always been happy to tell an inquiring buyer what price they'd be willing to take to sell their business.

However, like most of the rest of the world, our area has had to struggle a bit due to the world wide recession, and a number of business owners have lost interest, or patience, or maybe even hope during these leaner times.

That "dream price" that many owners have been happy to wait years to get for their businesses has now been reduced to, in some cases, a bargain price for someone with fresh energy, high hopes, and abundant optimism.

After all, most of us ex-pats still remember the excitement of saying "adios" to the rat race and beginning a new life, an adventure, really, here in Costa Rica.

Sometimes that's all a struggling business needs--new, positive energy, and a fresh vision of its potential in the hands of a new owner transitioning to a whole new beginning in his or her life.

So browse the Quepos and Manuel Antonio businesses for sale listed below, and perhaps you'll come across just the commercial enterprise, here in our little piece of paradise, to match your skills, desires, and interests.

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