Manuel Antonio Venting

Manuel Antonio venting is a popular activity among expats when we meet on the street. It's how we release or express creative energy or emotion and is accomplished by voicing some mutual aggravations.

Once sufficient venting has occurred to reach a desired level of emotional/creative energy release, the vent session typically ends with mutual agreement that, nevertheless, we are still fortunate to be living in Costa Rica and especially Manuel Antonio.

When the venting is done in a public forum, and regards some annoying aspect of Costa Rican culture, inevitably, another expat will feel the need to "release creative energy or emotion" in a rebuke to the ventor for not being sufficiently grateful for the opportunity to live here--A vent about someone's venting.

The point? We're all just grateful expats doing our part to help President Laura promote the use of renewable energy. In our case the energy is emotional, creative, and forever renewable. Human nature never stops producing it. I say, be human. Be patriotic. Release pent-up energy...


Is There Something You'd
Like To Vent About?

Feel free to comment about something on your mind that you would like to "emotionally or creatively release"--The dictionary definition of venting.

Maybe others can relate, sympathize, offer constructive advice/criticism, or speak about a similar experience. Maybe, your vent will go viral!

General Venting

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