Best Manuel Antonio Massage

The best Manuel Antonio massage? Well, I know over 5,500 people who might say,"Hand's down (pun intended), it's Randy's massage". That's how many satisfied customers I've had here in Manuel Antonio,

including some of the best local therapists who are regular clients.

Although I've had a number of different careers--construction worker, oilfield worker, marriage and family counselor, real estate broker, personal trainer, and spa owner--massage therapist/instructor has been my longest and most satisfying role.

Trained and licensed in Austin, Texas where I freelanced for some of the top spas and hotels in town, I moved to Costa Rica and eventually created and managed Spa Shangri-La, one of Manuel Antonio's most popular spas at the time. It was then that I also began teaching massage.

Now I'm back to my first love--relieving stress, loosening tense muscles, and rejuvenating weary travelers. Occasionally I offer a listening ear, counsel, or a shoulder to cry on...Once a therapist, always a therapist.

It's also very satisfying to teach couples (in just 2-4 hours) the tools to develop world-class healing hands. OK, I admit the couple in the photo, Tom and Alley, took a little longer...

I'm proud to say that some of the best therapists in Costa Rica are former students of mine. I merely helped them develop their God-given gift of


My Massage

My massage career has been, as it should be, the constant pursuit of the ultimate therapeutic routine. My routine has evolved over the years into what, for me, is the best combination of Swedish, Sports, Thai, Shiatsu (Asian massage), and Myofascial techniques.

Having said that, every massage is customized to your particular needs and desires, as it should be--the areas where you'd like extra time, and the pressure you prefer for your specific issues.

Maybe you just want to totally chill on the table and let a super-relaxing, stress-relieving oil massage drive the worries of the world a thousand miles awaaayyyy...while you escape to La La Land, Nirvana, or Fantasy Island.

Maybe you've gotten a little too much sun and could use a gentle, soothing, skin-healing, organic-aloe-hydrating-lotion massage to nourish your skin, relieve the discomfort, and help turn the burn to a lasting tan.

Or maybe a recent injury, using muscles you don't normally use, a conflict with a traveling companion, or an unfamiliar hotel bed and pillow has you stressed or aching way more than you want to be...

especially on your vacation!

You're here for some REST and RECREATION, right? Complete your vacation with a little REJUVENATION too! They say a vacation without massage is like a honeymoon without...well you get the picture.


Teresa is truly a gifted therapist who proved to be the best student I ever trained. She gives a phenomenal Relaxation Massage. She is also quite capable of giving a true Deep Tissue Massage for those who prefer a female but wonder if she will be up to the challenge of really deep bodywork. Trust me, she is.

Massage Studio / Or In-room

I have a very convenient Manuel Antonio massage studio right on the main Manuel Antonio Road complete with parking. The buses stop in front.

You will enjoy relaxing, mellow music, incense, essential oils, complete climate control, and privacy--all to your liking and preferences.

Or I/she can come to your hotel/villa/condo/cabina.

Couples -- Learn Massage Today!

For couples wanting to learn massage, I charge $50/hour and can teach you the tools you need in 2-4 hours.

No one I know of has a faster teaching method.

Massage is truly one of the most healthy, romantic, relationship-enhancing, sensual activities a couple can share together. My wife and I can attest to that. Plus.......

you never have to pay for another massage!

Think of it as a lifelong investment in your health and relationship.


The price for a one hour massage in my studio is $75. However, I offer a 20% discount if you agree to post a comment to this webpage regarding your massage experience.

$60/hour for world-class bodywork. What a deal!

Add a (one time) $20 (extra-time-and-travel) fee for massage at your location.

Prices are negotiable for massages longer than one hour and groups of 3 or more people.

Add $10 more for a Deep Tissue massage.

How To Reach Me

I can be reached by calling:


You can also email me at:

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