Your Worldview

What's your worldview? We all have one. Provided that we obey the rules of logic, our presuppositions control all of our thinking. These assumptions about the world as a whole and our place in it form the underlying structure of our worldview, and determine how we interpret life.

A person controlled by unconsciously held presuppositions is a slave to the unknown. Thus the Greek philosopher, Socrates, admonished, "Know thyself!", proclaiming that the unexamined life isn't worth living.

Living in Manuel Antonio, a melting pot of expats and tourists from all over the world, it's hard to ignore the huge diversity of philosophies and religions that exist. In actuality, they're all just sub-categories of only a handful of possible answers to the basic questions concerning the meaning of life, the nature of man and reality, and what, if anything, awaits us when we die.

Since our presuppositions determine our entire approach and response to life (ie. how we interpret our experiences and what the "facts" in front of us are allowed to mean), it's vital that these assumptions are consistent and make sense in light of everyday reality.

The best way to do that is to voice your worldview in a forum such as this, and let it be challenged by others. You may come away from the challenges even more firm and secure in the logic of your beliefs.

Or you may have an epiphany, realize that you hadn't thought some things through well enough, and perhaps adopt some new, more consistent or rational beliefs. Either outcome, you win. An examined life IS worth living!

Logic, Reason, Rationality, and Consistency are to be the main guidelines for judging the merits of the thoughts, opinions, and views expressed here.


These are the ONLY guidelines that have EVER existed for judging the merits of an idea. Just try communicating an idea without them.

I once had a professor steeped in Postmodernism, the dominant worldview of our day, shout out, "THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES!". A fellow student immediately shouted back, "ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE!?". The clueless professor adamantly responded, "YES!"

We've all heard equally self-contradictory statements coming from our halls of academia, such as, "INTOLERANCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!".

Below are 3 topics chosen for their potential to stir some discussion and debate of worldviews:

Free Will vs Predestination

World Events

The Problem Of Evil

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