Free Will vs Predestination

The Free Will vs Predestination controversy concerns the biblical doctrine that ALL events are predetermined, or "destined beforehand" by God. Apparent contradiction arises when this doctrine is mixed with the belief that man's will is NOT ultimately "determined" by outward and/or inward influences because the human will can overcome those influences.

Thus, the controversy may also be referred to as
Human Autonomy vs The Sovereignty Of God.

A Creator can hardly be said to have absolute dominion and rule (the definition of sovereignty) over creatures that are self-ruled (the definition of autonomous) and free to make indeterminate, arbitrary choices that are contrary to their Creator's preordained plans and purposes.

Others have characterized the debate as Humanism vs Scripturalism.

Humanism says the ultimate reference point, or source for meaning is found in or determined by autonomous humans, therefore there's no such thing as "TRUTH", per se. Scripturalism says that "TRUTH" is found in the logical interpretation and deductions of the propositions found in the Bible-- an infallible, "God-breathed", revelation from our Creator.

In the former view, man is the "captain of his destiny", while the
latter view states that God's sovereignty encompasses all events, including every human choice and action.

Assuming the dictionary definition of God, which is:

The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent
and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe.

and respecting the Rules of Logic, maybe you'd like to weigh in on this ancient debate, which some say began in the Garden of Eden.

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