Manuel Antonio Lots And
Area Fincas For Sale

If you're interested in Manuel Antonio lots or perhaps a finca (farm) in the area, THIS is the place to begin your search. Costa Rica is definitely one country where real estate dreams can come true, and nightmares can ensue.

After over ten years of living here, I've seen and heard plenty of both. It's one of the things I love about this country. Anything is possible!

A Costa Rican might be selling a valuable property that he originally "squatted" and never paid a dime for. Or a large tract of land may have been in a family's possession for generations, except now the great grand kids are eager to "cash out" and go their separate ways.

I can tell you some incredible stories, throughout Costa Rica, of people just being in the right place at the right time, and now they own properties worth millions of dollars more than they paid:

One unassuming American I met my first week in Costa Rica made a small loan to a Tico who put up some mountainside acreage as collateral. You guessed it. The land owner reneged on the loan and the American acquired the land--a big chunk of the mountain that makes up Escazu (now worth tens of millions of dollars)!

He referred to the loan as, "The one smart decision I ever made in my life". I understood what he meant after watching his young trophy wife henpeck him for over an hour...

You can also find yourself in the right place dealing with the wrong person, with unfortunate consequences (that would be me). So it's "due diligence", and a highly regarded attorney that should guide your venture into Costa Rica real estate.

Actually, now that "gringo" TITLE COMPANIES have arrived on the scene, there's much more security and "peace of mind" to be had than before.

Do You Have A Lot Or Finca For Sale?

Create an interactive, multimedia webpage here to assist you in selling your Manuel Antonio area lot or finca. The more multimedia information you can provide to a prospective buyer, the better!

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