Speak 4 languages, Cambridge graduate looking for job

by Ivan

I am a young, Spanish, recent graduate currently working at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.

I am looking to find a job in Quepos, where I am planning to move to next year in order to finally make my dream of surfing and working for a year come true.

I studied Economics and have a Masters in Management from the London School of Economics (with Distinction), and I will be studying a second Masters at Cambridge University until May 2014. I am fluent in English (5 years study in the UK), Spanish (native), French (born in Belgium) and Italian (4 years study). I am ready to work hard, have excellent oral and communication skills, love to work in a team and have a passion for start-ups and social entrepreneurship.

If anyone has any tips or knows how I could find a job for a year in Quepos, I would be extremely grateful.

Please contact me at ivan_7955@hotmail.com

Many thanks!


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